Monday, January 23, 2012

Baby Mia!

This sweet girl was just over 3 weeks when we met for her newborn session and she did really well! A lot of photographers get nervous when a newborn is over 10 days old because they tend to be a little more alert and fight being posed for pictures, but I think it doesn't  matter all that much. If a baby doesn't want to be in a certain pose, they're not going to cooperate as much as you'd like, whether they're 5 days old or 5 weeks old! Anyway, Mia was fantastic. We worked with the positions that she seemed to favor and she rewarded us by being the cutest little sleeping newborn in all of Phoenix! The tutu was just beyond adorable, too! 

Here are some of my favorites of sweet baby Mia! Check out our facebook page to see a couple more! 

Proud big sister, Lilly!

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  1. Wonderful!!! Thank you and can't wait to see the rest!


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