Thursday, January 5, 2012

And the winner is.....

Photo Number 10

Congratulations to Photo Number 10 who won by 3 votes (seriously... 3 votes)!!!  It was so close, that we're also going to give a 2nd place prize away to Photo Number 1! I'll be emailing you both with details soon.

Thank you to everyone who participated! I believe our first contest was fun and a success. Perhaps we'll do it again sometime soon!


  1. So funny how close it was the whole time! So cool of you to give us a prize too!

  2. Oh, and I don't envy you having to decide how to count the votes, either, it got a little crazy and not exactly regulation at times. Haha!

  3. So true! That's exactly why I waited until the morning to count. :)

  4. Well, I think all the photos were great. We were out of town and I forgot about the contest till brandi reminded me. I'm so glad you are giving out a second place prize. Miss Neely totally deserves it.

    Jennifer stout


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