Monday, February 13, 2012

Aubrey Jane {9 months}

This little valentine is 9 months old! We thought it would be cute to incorporate a few little hearts to represent the season and she thought it would be fun to eat them! We should have thought about that ahead of time, but even when she's chomping down on a piece of felt she's still adorable! Especially in this sailor dress and ruby shoes! 

Check out our facebook page to see a few more. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Meet Francesca!

I don't believe we've introduced Francesca... our Vespa. She's fantastic! When we originally thought about buying a scooter, my mind of course went to a bright blue or orange scooter (and it still does sometimes), but Andrew wanted something darker (we're working on him digging the baby blue) and he won. We found Francesca and just couldn't pass her up!

We recently bought some new photography equipment and took Francesca out for her first photo shoot. Before you get to the pics, let me just say that yes, we always wear helmets and protective gear. Just wanted to clear that up before we get any emails (or angry calls from our parents).

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