Monday, March 30, 2009

T & T Engagement

This past weekend we had a fun engagement session with Tanner & Tanya. We wandered around a park, snuck onto a golf course and ended up with some great shots. Here are a few from the day:

Peyton & Boston are amazing dogs and were very excited for their photo shoot. 

I have to give Andrew the credit for this shot. He was standing off to the side and saw this composition when I was working on something different. It turned out to be one of our favorites. 

If only every groom had nails that look this nice.

Thank you both for spending the morning with us and congratulations on your engagement! We hope you enjoy the photographs!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

and they're off!

Welcome! We're finally blogging and it's truly exciting for us. We're viewing this as one more outlet for our work and ourselves. We hope to continue to update this regularly and keep you all updated in our lives as photographers and people. We're constantly challenging ourselves and shooting randomly and we look forward to sharing some of that with you as well as some of our regular work. Enjoy!  

I know this is a strange picture for our first post but this is from our trip returning from Las Vegas for a Wedding Photography convention last month. This was taken with my little point and shoot through the windshield but I thought it was a good example of the crazy weather we see in AZ. We didn't get a single drop of rain the whole way home but we did have beautiful views like this! We'll talk more about the convention soon as we start applying our new ideas. 

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