Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Around the House

Have you ever seen someone doing something and instantly you know you would enjoy it? That’s how I felt about quilting. I knew that it was something I would like and I do indeed LOVE it. The strange thing is, I can’t really “sew”. If I’m asked to do something other than quilt, I can’t do it. Maybe I should take a basic sewing class? Seriously, I can’t hardly sew a button or a hem (and when I do attempt it, the result looks kind of funky), but quilting has my heart. Eventually I'll be making a giant yellow quilt for myself. That might take some time, though.

A few years ago, my Dad was helping a friend clean out his friends parent's old house (that's a mouth full) and found this sewing machine. They were going to throw it away and he asked if he could have it... and now I have it. Normally it stays in it’s cabinet (it’s the kind that is it’s own table) and my actual sewing machine is stored on top of it, but occasionally I take it out, dust it off, admire it, and wonder who it was who used it. This past week I decided to photograph it. The pins that are tied around the center were there when my Dad brought it home. I don’t have the heart to remove them as I think they add to the story of this machine. I’m just not sure exactly what that story is yet.

The cabinet is a little slanted and not in the best condition. I'd love to get it fixed by a professional one day.


My random pins. I love them!

I toss all of the scraps of fabric from past projects into this bowl. Eventually I think it'd be fun to do something with all of the random pieces. I also love how it looks all clumped together. Makes me smile every time I enter the room. Isn't it strange how the weirdest things can make us happy. :)


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