Wednesday, July 8, 2009


We spent some time in Colorado over the 4th of July weekend. We were in Denver for the majority of our time, but also made a few day trips up to the mountains. Every city/town we visited has it’s own unique personality. I loved it. I was literally scouting houses out on day two! Unfortunately, it’s back to reality and the heat of our adored Phoenix. I may be planning a trip up to Flagstaff in the next few weeks just to quench my thirst and release my inner mountain girl. Colorado reminded me a lot of Flagstaff from the kindness of the people to the cool crisp breeze at night and afternoon showers. We had a marvelous time and will hopefully be returning one winter for some snow sports and Bacon Bloody Mary’s.

We all made signs for the game.

Coors Field

Fireworks after the game on the 4th

City Park

Massive REI store on the river.

Sky Harbor
Jazz at City Park

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